Warriors News · Coronavirus Update March 15, 2020

Hello Coaches, Athletes and Parents,

I just wanted to reach out to all of you and express how important this time is for us. We can be shining examples of what is most important by being mindful Global Citizens. Follow the experts guidance and demonstrate patience, calm and resolve during this time. We are asked to self isolate and distance ourselves from the crowds. As active and motivated people we feel a strong need to get up and do something. While you may continue to exercise and practice your skills alone, my first priority is the safety and health of the Wakefield community. Through social distancing to stay healthy, we may be able to resume our sports season quickly once we return to school.

Coaches and Athletes, just to reiterate, there is nothing more important than our safety and health. Let’s take of each other by leading the way. Isolate from your teammates and friends, so when we return to school, we can get back to the academics and sports we are so passionate about.


Thank you for your cooperation during this time of uncertainty.