Multiple Teams · Wakefield High School Girls Freshman Volleyball beat Falls Church High School 2-0

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

5:00 PM

Wakefield High School

Falls Church High School

Game Recap

The Freshman Volleyball team put another decisive win in the record books last night against Falls Church with a 25-13 and 25-19, 2 set match.

Falls Church had improved substantially since our match earlier in the season. Our defense settled the team and put the Warriors on top early on. Layla Kherbouch and Kate Lanman performed one dig after another in their outstanding defensive performance. Ashley Flores had no fewer than 16 successful serves including five aces! As if that were not enough, she attacked 7 times with 2 kills in her personal best. Nevaeh Wallace also had her personal best with 12 successful attacks and 4 kills – all in the first set. Thi Ley had 3 solid serves, two tips over the net and outstanding setting, the key to the offense.

In the second set, Thi Ley continued her rock solid performance with 8 serves including 3 aces to put the Warriors on solid footing for the set and superb setting. Megan Mazel continued her reliable serves with five successful serves and 2 aces. Rosemary Hill, Leah Aiken, and Anna Wood each put a serve in the court and Natalie Manlove put 2 in with one ace. On top of this, careful passes by Rosemary Hill and Leah Aiken to setter Thi Ley contributed to the Warrior attacks: Anna Wood with 4; Megan Mazel with 2; and Natalie Manlove with 3 attacks. The hustle of this team was the best of the season with several saves by Rosemary Hill, Leah Aiken, Anna Wood and Natalie Manlove. The Warriors put on an exciting show and together with vocal support from the bench and the stands, won the set!

The Freshman Team is now 8-3 overall and 8-2 in the conference. Come out on Thursday for our battle against Lee High School at 5:00 at home. See you there!

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