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Warriors News · NEW Student Insurance Forms 2017-2018 (For Athletes and Students)


Attached please find copies of the Student Accident Insurance letters for student athletes.  It is very advantageous for families of our athletes, not just football players, to obtain this very reasonably priced insurance.  APS does not get any kick-back or profit in any way when one of our families enrolls in student accident insurance.  Our only incentive here is to protect APS families and their children. We know by experience, that our student athletes have an increased risk of injury and sometimes just the co-payments and cost sharing of medical expenses due to an athletic injury can be overwhelming for our families.

We cannot emphasize enough how helpful this supplemental insurance can be to families, even families with medical insurance.  Parents whose children have experienced an athletic injury share their horror stories of co-payments for thousands of dollars for x-rays, MRI’s, surgery, and subsequent physical therapy and they always regret not taking advantage of this low-cost supplemental insurance option.

Parent Letter Athletes-Student Accident Insurance 2017-18 ENGLISH

Parent Letter for Athletes-Student Accident Insurance 2017-18 SPANISH (Revised 8.9.17)


Insurance Form Application: English | Spanish