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Warriors News · Middle School Activities Fair at Wakefield – May 31 – 7:00 PM


Please help me spread the word to your parents of current 7th and 8th grade students about our Middle School Activities Fair! The Middle School Activities Fair is an opportunity for coaches and club sponsors to get the jump on incoming freshmen and raising 8th graders, who are eligible to play on JV levels on some of our sports teams.  More importantly, for clubs . . . this is our chance to show incoming freshmen what vast opportunities exist with clubs. Last year, you helped us spread the word by sending forward my email with flyer to your list serve groups, etc.  Please send out via Peach jar and any other form that might reach your community.  We are excited about making early connections again with our incoming 9th graders and raising 8th graders.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Go Warriors!



Wakefield High School welcomes you to the 2017 Student Activities Fair to give you a look at all the sports and clubs Wakefield has to offer. This event will introduce current and prospective students and parents to the sponsors and coaches of the various clubs and teams at Wakefield. This event is especially helpful for current 7th and 8th graders, as well as current Wakefield students.  Many sports at Wakefield offer an opportunity for 8th graders to participate on freshman teams.

Wakefield Sports/Activities Fair
Wednesday, May 31 2017 – 7:00 – 8:00 PM in Town Hall

Program Schedule:

7:00 – 8:00 pm – Browse various tables in town hall – Meet coaches and club sponsors, and parents/students can also drop in for small group sessions listed below:

Session I:

7:10 – 7:20 pm – Athletic Training – room C-114

  • What is the role of a Certified Athletic Trainer? Physicals? Rehab? Insurance? Concussions?

7:10 – 7:20 pm – Wakefield Booster’s – room C-115

  • What is the role of Wakefield Booster’s? How can parents get involved?

7:10 – 7:20 pm – General Club and Sports info – Cafeteria

  • Find out about athletic eligibility, clubs offered, sports season, try-outs

Session II:

7:25 pm – 7:35 pm – second rotation, same as listed above

Session III:

7:40 – 7:50 pm – final rotation, same as listed above

Sponsored by the Wakefield Booster Club:

Beth Connors, President

Susan DuBois, Concessions & Spirit Gear

Cheryl Goodman, Treasurer

Noel Deskins, Director of Student Activities