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Warriors News · Wakefield Crew Team – “We Row and We Love It”


The number of the last two weekends is 33. That number reflects the number of rowers that participated in finals for Wakefield. Out of 43 rowers and coxswains, 33 made it to finals. Some ended up on the right side of the horn, while others didn’t, but the one thing that can’t be taken away from all of our athletes is the hard work they put in to get in to that position.

On Saturday we qualified THREE sweep boats for SRAAs. That’s the most in my time with the team and I think if you go back and ask past coaches, it’s the most in their experiences too. God willing, we will get a fourth very deserving boat in to SRAAs.

Across the board our boats put up really fast times. I can’t begin to describe how proud I am off all of the efforts put forth both on and off the water over the last two weekends despite less than ideal racing conditions. I’ve never been happier or prouder to say I am apart of a team than I am right now.

With that I just want to say Thank you. Thank you to my coxswains and rowers who have worked hard day in and day out. Thank you for dealing with the weather, the wind, the challenges that face us everyday, and for my goofy outbursts and my sometimes short-tempered outbursts alike. As coaches we give you the tools to succeed. You all succeeded because you executed and put in the work needed to do so. Thank you.

Thank you to the parents for all that you do from volunteering at regattas, to making sure our rowers are fed well during the day, for putting up with the long hours and cold weather to see 1 minute of racing every 20-30 mins, but most importantly for all of your support and encouragement at every turn.

Thank you to the boosters for all that you do behind the scenes to make sure we have what we need to be able to even be in these positions. This team would not run without you.

Lastly, thank you to Daniel and Eliot for helping to make this team special and to make sure that our athletes aren’t just good rowers but also good people.

We’ve got a fun two weeks ahead and I’m so excited for all of it. It’s going to take a bit more hard work and dedication, but I know you all have it in you to execute the remaining work we have left. Thank you all for the journey and memories so far this season, and if I were a betting man (which I am) I’d say we have a whole lot more memories to make over the next two weeks.

Wakefield on 3!

Coach James