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Girls Varsity Tennis · Wakefield High School Girls Varsity Tennis falls to Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology 8-1

Monday, May 1, 2017

4:00 PM

Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology

Wakefield High School

Meet Recap

The Thomas Jefferson Colonials visited Wakefield High School today. The Warriors performed well with several substitutions in their line-up against a terrific tennis team.

#1: Catherine Chen played the #1 position today. She showed strong talent and played several good rallies with her opponent despite her 1-10 loss.

#2: Diana Mercean stepped up into the #2 position today. She proved to be a tough competitor with good footwork and great effort. 2-10

#3: Melat Tarekgn stepped into the #3 position today. She hit several terrific ground strokes and showed her capability to be a fierce competitor. 1-10

#4: Ruth Mengesha stepped into the #4 spot today. She put forth a great effort and never backed down in her match. 0-10

#5: Lesley Bustos stepped into the #5 position today. She concentrated and played a tough match. 0-10

#6: Aisha Sheikheldin played in the #6 position. She has shown a tremendous work ethic this season and was able to demonstrate her skill improvement in today’s match. She played hard and put her best effort into the match. 0-10

Doubles: The Warriors entered the doubles portion of the match down 0-6.

#1: Catherine C. and Diana M. showed their strong chemistry again today. They placed the ball well at the net and from the baseline and took advantage of open space when they saw it to pull off the win. 10-3

#2: Melat T. and Ruth M. made a strong appearance in today’s doubles match as they fought hard for each point. 4-10

#3: Lesley B. and Aisha S. put forth a strong effort in their doubles match today. 1-10