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Girls Varsity Tennis · Wakefield High School Girls Varsity Tennis falls to George C Marshall High School 9-0

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

4:00 PM

George C Marshall High School

Wakefield High School

Meet Recap

The Wakefield Warriors took to the courts against a strong Marshall Statesmen team today. While the Warriors lost 0-9, each individual player demonstrated outstanding effort and persistence. The team ran for well-placed balls from their opponents, approached the net when opportunities presented themselves, and battled for every point. Despite the final overall match score, the team effort resulted in a much stronger presence in the individual match scores.

1: Grace Kalfatovic: 1-10
Grace ran the court and put forth a terrific effort against a consistent opponent who placed the ball with precision.

2: Catherine Chen: 3-10
Catherine demonstrated persistence on the court, resulting in several points and games ending in her favor.

3: Amanda Bloom: 0-10
Amanda hustled around the court, never backing down from powerful shots from her opponent.

4: Joann Chong: 0-10
Joann moved her feet to get herself in position to keep the ball going in several challenging points.

5: Diana Mercean: 1-10
Diana continued to demonstrate excellent groundstroke form and speedy reflexes throughout her match.

6: Melat Tarekegn: 2-10
Melat held her head high as she never counted herself out from this match. She created a string of several points, resulting in her winning 2 games.

Doubles: The Warriors entered the doubles portion of the match down 0-6, but continued to put forth their best effort to earn more games toward the Wakefield scoreboard.
1: Grace K. & Amanda B.: 0-10
Grace and Amanda were patient as they played a challenging match The partners kept each other in high spirits and put forth their best effort.

2: Catherine C. & Diana M.: 3-10
The Warrior duo proved to be Warriors as they made their opponents earn each game. They attacked the net, used shot placement strategy, and ran for several fast-paced balls.

3: Joann C. & Melat T.: 1-10
The pair worked together to attack the net and hustle for the ball. They created several amazing points and fought hard for the points they won.