Girls Varsity Tennis · Wakefield High School Girls Varsity Tennis falls to Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology 9-0

Thursday, March 30, 2017

4:00 PM

Wakefield High School

Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology

Meet Recap

Wakefield met TJ today at Jefferson District Park. The team made a spirited appearance despite a small squad of 7 players. With several players on a Field Trip, the Warriors came banded together to take on a very strong TJ team. Several players moved up in the line-up to cover for unavailable players, including Freshman Ela G. and Senior Lesley B. from the JV squad.

Singles: The Warriors were brave as they headed to the singles courts to start the match.
#1: Grace K. hustled for shot after shot as her opponent moved her quickly from one end of the court to the other. Grace
#2: Amanda B. moved up one spot to play #2 in today’s match. Amanda’s calm demeanor helped her to stay focused as she played several lengthy games before losing 0-10.
#3: Diana M. moved up two spots to play #3 in today’s match. Diana never backed down from her opponent’s powerful hitting strategy and made her opponent earn every point. (0-10)
#4: Melat T. moved up two spots to play #4 in today’s match. Melat put forth her best effort as she hit some amazing return of serves and sprinted across the court in response to her opponent’s consistently well-placed shots. (0-10)
#5. Ela G. moved up from the JV squad to play #5 in today’s match. Ela has demonstrated excellent potential and welcomes opportunities like today to help her to develop as a player. Ela battled like a true warrior before losing 0-10.
#6: Lesley B. moved up from the JV squad to play #6 in today’s match. Lesley used her energetic personality to her advantage as she reacted quickly to each of her opponent’s shots. Lesley has been an outstanding support to her teammates so far this season and she was a welcome addition to the top 6 today. (1-10)

Doubles: The Warriors entered the doubles portion of the match today down 0-6 with no chance for a win. Despite this, the team continued to put forth their best effort in order to work on personal goals and strategies throughout the remainder of the match.

#1: Grace K./Amanda B.: Grace and Amanda were in great spirits as they took faced their doubles opponents. The duo set goals, practiced strategies, and had fun while stepping up to the challenge of playing very strong opponents. Grace demonstrated her speed and agility in the last game of the match as she sprinted to a ball bouncing wide into the adjacent court to hit a winner on her unsuspecting opponents. The Warriors in the audience could hardly believe their eyes as they beamed with pride at their teammate’s accomplishment. (3-10)
#2: Diana M./Melat T.: Diana and Melat applied a variety of strategies to their match, including shot placement and net play. The pair made several outstanding shots from all over the court. (2-10)
#3: Lesley B./Farnas K.: Farnas made her first appearance in the top 6 today with Lesley B. by her side. The persistent Warriors played hard and experienced several deuce points in their match. (0-10)

The Warriors look forward to their next match vs. the Jaguars of Falls Church High School.