Girls Varsity Tennis · Wakefield High School Girls Varsity Tennis falls to George C Marshall High School 9-0

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

4:00 PM

Wakefield High School

George C Marshall High School

Meet Recap

The Warriors and Statesmen were able to get today’s match in despite thunderstorms earlier in the day and the threat of more rain to come. The Statesmen took the lead early and the Warriors were unable to turn the tide.

#1: Grace: 0-8. Grace was unable to run down as many balls as usual in her first match back from illness. She looks forward to getting back to her sprinting self in tomorrow’s match vs. Edison.
#2: Catherine: 1-8. Catherine had several close shots that just missed her mark. She had great strategic ideas, but just couldn’t pull off enough of them in today’s match.
#3: Amanda: 0-8. Amanda was challenged by some fast and powerful shots from her opponent today. She stayed tough, as usual, but was not able to create one of her marathon match situations this time.
#4: Joann: 0-8. Joann’s footwork and mental toughness were challenged in her singles match which led to improvement in her doubles match.
#5: Diana: 2-8. Diana refused to back down and was able to secure 2 games despite a strong opponent.
#6: Melat: 0-8. Melat demonstrated several strong groundstrokes, but her opponent’s consistency won out today.

#1: Grace/Amanda: 2-8. Grace and Amanda stayed tough in their doubles match, refusing to go down without a fight. They put in a strong effort to win 2 games despite being down early in the match.
#2: Catherine/Diana: 0-8. Catherine and Diana created some nice points and look forward to improving their consistency in tomorrow’s match.
#3: Joann/Melat: 0-8. Joann practiced her footwork and covered the court well while Melat took guard at the net. The duo went to deuce several times despite their final score.

The Warriors demonstrated excellent sportsmanship today despite a tough match. They are looking at today’s match as fuel to keep working hard and staying tough in future matches.