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Warriors News · Varsity Baseball Spring Break at 2017 Spring Training at the Ripken Experience Info

The Ripken Experience is a 50 acre, state-of-the-art sports complex located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina built by Cal and Bill Ripken.

2017 Ripken Baseball Experience

–          Game Times – please double check all game times.  We will be using the master schedules going forward.  There is a separate schedule for all games and practices Off-Site. Please do not forget to check that schedule.

–          Home/Away –  Home team is listed first on the Master Schedule, and occupies the 1st Base Dugout (if you play a back-to-back game on the same field, you do not need to switch).  If you feel like your home and away games are off, just let me know.  Each team should have an equal amount of home and away games. This is done by hand, so if you see something off regarding your team, just let me know, and I will fix it.

–          Changes – No teams should have lost any games from the previous schedule.  There were time changes and opponent changes, but requested games should have stayed the same.  There is a lot of typing involved when doing the master schedules, so if you feel something doesn’t look right regarding your team, it could just be a typo. If you see anything, just let me know, so I can take a look.

  • Metal Cleats – Metal Cleats are allowed at the Ripken Experience and Grand Park (both facilities have turf fields).   However, at Grand Park metal cleats are not allowed on the pitchers mounds only.

***Very Important/Rainedout.com/Inclement Weather

  • Common question throughout the year is “what do we do if it rains.”  Our number one goal is to keep you informed as best as possible.  Our second goal is to get you in as many games in as possible. Keep in mind we have turf, lights, and no curfew – so we will play late if need be.  You will not have to worry about our effort if we do hit some rain.
  • To keep you informed, we have a text message service that will send you updates directly to your cell phone in cases of inclement weather.  This is how we will send out information to teams regarding schedule updates, etc.  There is no charge or gimmick or anything like that – it is just to get you information as quickly as possible.  You can also unsubscribe once your trip is over.
  • To subscribe, you will need to compose a text message.  Text the word, SPRINGTRAINING in the subject to the number 84483, and you will be registered.


TO: 84483

MS.April 3-9

MS.April 10-16



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