Girls Varsity Tennis · Wakefield High School Girls Varsity Tennis falls to J E B Stuart High School 7-2

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

4:00 PM

Wakefield High School

J E B Stuart High School

Meet Recap

Wakefield Girls Tennis loses to JEB Stuart.

The Warriors had another challenging match today vs. Stuart. With 2 of the top 6 players out sick, each team member stepped up and played 1 or more positions higher in the line-up than usual. Due to the cold and windy afternoon weather, all singles and doubles matches were played as 8-game pro-sets instead of the usual 10-game pro-sets.

Catherine C. covered the court and placed the ball extremely well. Her smooth groundstrokes and quick movement around the court led to her 8-4 victory at #1.
Amanda B. demonstrated her consistent serves and groundstrokes in another well-played match. She also attacked the net when possible and never backed down despite her loss at #2. (1-8)
Joann C. stayed tough and did not shy away from many powerful serves and groundstrokes from her opponent. Her play resulted in a victory at #3 (8-4).
Melat T. worked hard to get to well-placed shots by her opponent and made her opponent earn every point despite her loss at #4 (0-8).
Ruth M. stepped into the #5 spot for her second appearance this season in the top 6. She fought hard and was able to challenge her opponent’s mental and physical toughness despite her loss (3-8).
Lesley B. moved into the #6 spot for her first appearance this season in the top 6. She displayed great confidence and effort in many very close games despite her 1-8 loss.

Doubles: The Warriors entered the doubles portion of the match down 2-5. With the possibility of a win within reach, the doubles challenge began.
#1 – Catherine and Amanda worked together to highlight their volleying and groundstroke strengths. The two strung together many exciting and fun to watch points despite their 4-8 loss.
#2 – Joann and Melat hung tough in their battle against a hard-hitting duo. They never backed down and showed their mental toughness despite their 1-8 loss.
#3 – Ruth and Ela played their first top 6 match together and focused on each individual point despite their 4-8 loss.

All in all, the Warriors played a fantastic match considering the weather and adjustments to today’s line-up. Each match had several well-played points despite the overall loss. The Warriors have 3 matches next week and look forward to continuing competitive play.