Girls Varsity Tennis · Wakefield High School Girls Varsity Tennis beat Lee High School 5-4

Friday, March 17, 2017

4:00 PM

Lee High School

Wakefield High School

Meet Recap

Warriors finish with a 5-4 win in the first official match of the season vs. Lee High School.

Wakefield and Lee were split 3-3 at the end of the singles matches. As the teams headed into doubles, it was still anyone’s match. Wakefield won #1 and #2 doubles to bring home the 5-4 win. This was an exciting and stressful match.

#1 – Grace Kalfatovic capitalized on her ability to finish meaningful points in her victory (10-3).
#2 – Catherine Chen used her great court sense and strong strokes to find the open spaces on the court in her 10-6 win.
#3 – Amanda Bloom demonstrated consistent strokes and stayed mentally tough in her 10-6 win.
#4 – Joann Chong fought hard and had many well-played shots in a long
and grueling match. Joann never gave up and came very close to coming from behind. (8-10)
#5 – Diana Mercean displayed strong groundstrokes and made her opponent work for each point. (6-10)
#6 – Melat Teferra demonstrated outstanding effort and nicely played points despite playing “under the weather”. (6-10)

#1 – Grace K. and Amanda B. used their team chemistry to play to their strengths. Grace used her quickness to run down their opponents’ shots and to create opportunities for the team to score. Amanda stayed tough at the net and the baseline and silently attacked the ball at just the right moments. (11-9)
#2 – Catherine C. and Diana M. played their first match together as a doubles team. Catherine’s powerful serving and consistently placed shots combined with Diana’s “no fear” playing style worked to their advantage in their 10-5 win.
#3 – Joann C. and Ruth M. fought hard in a challenging match full of unexpected shots by their opponents. Ruth and Joann played with hearts of gold and fought hard from start to finish. (4-10).