Multiple Teams · Wakefield High School Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball beat West Potomac High School 2-1

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

6:00 PM

West Potomac High School
Wakefield High School

Game Recap

The Lady Warriors met the West Potomac Wolverines last night in a drawn out meeting that concluded in a best of three match with the Warriors coming out on top.

The Warriors came out a little slow in the first set, letting the Wolverines take advantage of a string of errors such as mis-serves, off-target passes, and a lack of communication. Still, the Warriors were able to initiate a regroup toward the end of the first set and apply those lessons learned to the final two sets of the evening.

It became obvious during the second set, and the third as well, that the Warriors had made an adjustment to their rotation that proceeded to help them gain some stability but at the same time, led to some confusion on the court. We saw players running into players and the dreaded eye contact on the ‘prayer who may or may not be playing the ball’ – resulting in quite a few points for our opponents. We saw in this second set the Warriors regaining some confidence and owning the court with a tremendous amount of smart play.

Carrying the momentum gained from set two, the third set started off highly in favor of a quick win for the Warriors until a series of communication, service, and ball handling errors. This was compounded by a string of awesome serves from the Wolverines which started to erase the comfortable lead the Warriors had built. One could see the Warriors were starting to panic as they focused on the scoreboard. After a quick timeout, that Warriors appeared to come out with a purpose and for sure they did as they quickly put an end to the Wolverines come-back attempt.

Thank you to all who come out to our matches and cheer respectfully and positively for ALL of the players who are giving their best in front of you.

Box Scores

West Potomac