Multiple Teams · Wakefield High School Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball beat Park View (Sterling) 2-1

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5:45 PM

Wakefield High School

Park View (Sterling)

Game Recap

It’s hardly without fail that when the JV team takes to the court, there is something that has occurred that makes competing at our best just a bit more challenging. We try to plan for these unknowns by preparing and practicing as well as can be expected and in tonight’s case, the entire JV gets a gold star.

The night before the match against the Patriots of Park View, an impending teammate absence forced the JV to incorporate into their practice learning a new rotation. Because we have so many other planned activities for practices, time was limited to learn the basics of the rotation.

When we arrived at Park View, we discovered that our Freshmen sisters would be playing in a separate gym just across the hallway, at our same game time. This was unfortunate/as we devote ourselves to assisting the Fr warm up for their matches and then cheer them on. The silver lining made itself apparent because with one half of the court to ourselves, we were able to go through three separate lineups in all 6 rotations. A lot to learn, but later in the 1st set, we began to notice that it was effective strategy.

We started strong in the first set climbing to a lead pretty quickly, however, that momentum quickly eroded as our play became hesitant and less confident – signs that the toll of changing to a 5-1 line-up with so little prep was taking effect. Performance during this set was not without some success but really, it wasn’t how the JV can really work together.

Toward the beginning of the second set it became obvious that a certain level of confidence had been regained but make no mistake as there were still some obstacles that desperately needed to be handled, and quickly. Winning the second set was a tremendous boost in player and team performance and the three minutes between sets one and two, and two and three had shown a conceptual ownership of team from many of the players, a great accomplishment.

For most of the third set the Patriots and the Warriors stayed pretty close to one another separated by only three or four points at the most. This lasted until the score was tied at eight a piece and then the Warriors forced many errors on the Patriots and took the match with some exciting, long, and fast-paced volleys.

A tremendous effort by both teams was on display tonight in Sterling, VA and if you happened to miss this match, from the young history of this team, it certainly holds some weight when I suggest that you come out and watch and cheer these lady warriors on. Win or lose, you will not be disappointed by the play.

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